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floor care

At Tidy Clean cleaning services we acknowledge the importance of our customers request which is merely the reason why expedited clientele care is priority on our list. Contact us any time for a full list of available services that best fits your needs and budget.

With the many cleaning lines of areas we cover and the varieties of cleaning spaces we take care of, Floor Cleaning is one of the most service needed. Our floor cleaning services includes services such as:

Ceramic Cleaning

Floor waxing

Floor Stripping

Wood Coating

Sweeping / Mopping



Marble and Stone cleaning

Floor services generally include stripping and waxing. If your floor is very dirty and has no shine, we strip the floor first, removing any existing wax and grime. After the floor has been stripped, we wax it again to make it look shiny and new. From keeping the floor clean and waxed to ensuring that the confinements remains neat and organized. Assisting in all day-to day cleaning tasks and bigger issues at hand.